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The Past

With 8 appearances in the state football playoffs over the last 10 years, Collierville is well known across the state for football. All all time record of 20-28 has helped cement Collierville in the high school football arena. Take a look at the people that continue to make this possible.

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The Present

Led by Head Coach, Coach O'Neill, the Dragons are always getting prepared for the next season, constantly reminded of the standards they must uphold from the past. Checkout our facilities that make us one of the best programs in the state

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The Future

Join us for a game! Checkout the schedule below

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New Season

Join us for Media Day

July 1st

Media day is happening soon at the new Collierville High School Football Field. Be sure to join us on TBD.

Dragons in the NFL

Hunter Bradley Drafted

May 15th

Hunter Bradley, a former Collierville Dragon, was recently drafted by the Green Bay Packers.